KazStamp 10 Prints Envelopes On Any Computer

If you're looking for a better way to address envelopes or send out tri-fold newsletters, take a look at KazStamp. Whether you're invoicing customers, writing to a friend, sending a newsletter, paying bills, or applying for a job, KazStamp gives your envelopes the look you want. Customers just like you have mailed over 1½ million letters using KazStamp in the past 20 years!

The latest version of KazStamp has been redesigned for the web, so you can now print envelopes from virtually any computer with an internet connection. Use KazStamp's user friendly wizard to quickly define the layout you want and then...

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KazStamp 10 Features

  • Print envelopes that are standard size or enter your own custom size
  • Print tri-fold mailings for newsletters or sales brochures
  • Choose different fonts, sizes and colors to give your envelope a unique look
  • Load addresses directly from a text file
  • Load contacts directly from Microsoft Outlook
  • Print multiple envelopes at once for quick mass mailings
  • Include a return address logo or picture for that special touch

View our demo to see how KazStamp works, or contact us for more information.

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KazStamp 9 for Windows

KazStamp 9 which was designed specifically for Windows XP has been retired as of March 31, 2011.  Registered users may continue using KazStamp 9 for as long as they wish.  The license information that was provided at registration is still valid.  Users who cannot locate their license information are encouraged to switch to KazStamp 10. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to provide license information or accept new registrations for KazStamp 9.

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